About our programs

3-Day Children's Program Overview

An overview of the Children's Program  includes:

  • Day 1:  Addiction: Not My Fault
  • Day 2:  A Feelings Disease: It’s OK to Share My Feelings
  • Day 3:  The Heart of Recovery: Taking Care of Me and Changing the Family Legacy: Celebrating You and Me

During the Summer, the program days vary. During the school year, the program runs from Thursday – Saturday.


Day 1
Addiction: Not My Fault

9 AM – 3:30 PM
After creating a safe, supportive environment, children learn basic facts and information about the disease of alcoholism and other drug addiction.  Through a variety of interactive games and play they come to understand key concepts such as loss of control, addiction, relapse, treatment, and recovery.  Most importantly children begin to realize that a loved one’s addiction is not their fault.

Day 2
A Feelings Disease: It’s OK to Share My Feelings

9 AM – 3:15 PM
Armed with accurate age-appropriate information about addiction, youngsters begin to examine the impact this disease has had upon them by talking about it and sharing feelings.  Children deepen their skills in identifying and expressing their feelings in balanced ways and breaking the “no talk” rule so prevalent in addicted families.  Through writing stories, artwork, or composing letters to “Dear Addiction”, children prepare to share with their caregivers on day three.

Day 3
The Heart of Recovery: Taking Care of Me (Part 1)

9 AM – 3:00 PM (caregivers participate)
Children learn a variety of ways to take good care of themselves and stay safe.  In a structured format with their caregivers, youngsters share art, stories or letters so they can express their feelings about how addiction has affected and impacted them.  Children come to understand that it’s okay to ask for help and there are safe people and places to go for help.
Changing the Family Legacy: Celebrating You and Me (Part 2) 
Children and caregivers participate together for the majority of the day.  They share what they like and love about each other, plans to take good care of themselves, and ways the family can grow together.  Both children and caregivers talk, trust and feel in a brand new way.

Upcoming Programs

Please contact us if you don't see dates that work for you. We are scheduling additional programs as our waiting list fills up. Please also contact us if you have a teen who needs our program. Our teen program is 2-day. 3 days are reserved on the calendar until we know which age group will be served:
  • OPEN ENROLLMENT (other programs available-- contact us)
    • November 10-12- Ages 10-12 at Peaceful Family Oklahoma
    • November 17-18- Ages 13-18 at Peaceful Family Oklahoma
    • December 1-3- Ages 7-12 at Peaceful Family Oklahoma

Family Support Groups

Family Support Groups (formerly Continuing Care or Reunion Groups) are held the first Monday of each month.
Peaceful Family Oklahoma (PFO) provides an on-going continuing care group for the children who participate and complete the PFO  program.  The Family Support Group allows the children to continue to reunite on a weekly basis.  Kids continue to learn new coping skills, how to express his or her feelings, ways to stay safe, and the importance of “Being a Kid!” Adults have the opportunity to expand their toolbox for parenting children whose lives have been impacted by addiction.
The program occurs the first Monday of each month from 6 pm to 7:30 pm.  Everyone enjoys dinner together, play games and participate in peer-to-peer groups to enhance coping and problem-solving skills. Childcare provided for children younger than age 6 when parents and older siblings are in group. The location varies at this time and will be shared in a monthly email prior to the group. Please be sure we have your email! You can send it to jayme@peacefulfamilyok.org or fill out the form below.
Family Support Groups- (1ST MONDAY OF EACH MONTH)
  • Location: Varies- be sure we have your email!
  • Time: Mondays, 6 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Dinner is provided and groups will be provided for both adults and children.  
  • Transportation provided if needed.  Contact jayme@peacefulfamily.org or complete RSVP form below by the Friday before scheduled group.
  • Childcare provided on site for children younger than 6 while parents and older siblings participate in groups. 
  • Please RSVP at:

Transportation (only complete if you need transportation assistance)