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About Peaceful Family Oklahoma

Peaceful Family Oklahoma brings help, hope, and healing to children impacted by addiction in their families. Through a range of proven programs and family support initiatives, PFO plays a crucial role in enabling children to flourish and to break the cycle of addiction.

Our Mission

Peaceful Family Oklahoma's mission is to bring  help, hope, and healing to children impacted by addiction in their families.

Why Peaceful Family Oklahoma?

Around 250,000 children in Oklahoma are affected by family addiction. Most of the time, treatment only focuses on adults with addiction and doesn't help their children. But did you know that these children are eight times more likely to have their own problems with addiction? Research shows that only treating the person with addiction doesn't work very well. That's because it ignores how addiction affects the whole family and doesn't take advantage of the family's potential to support change. That's what the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found. When children learn that they're not alone, they didn't cause addiction and they can't cure it, they can learn to cope. These strategies give children the knowledge and tools to make smart choices about mental health and substance use. They learn about the dangers, consequences, and signs of addiction, which helps them make healthier decisions.
By teaching prevention strategies when kids are young, we can lower the chances of addiction and mental health problems later in life.

Who is Peaceful Family Oklahoma?

There is good news. Peaceful Family Oklahoma was started by a grandpa who wanted a better ending for his grandkids' lives. Here at Peaceful Family Oklahoma, we are devoted to helping children who are affected by family addiction. We're the only group in Oklahoma that focuses entirely on helping these kids heal and get better. We use strategies that are tested and know work well for kids their age. These strategies give children hope and help them in different ways:

  • They learn how to solve problems, stay safe, and find people who can support them.
  • They find out how to express their feelings in a healthy way to take care of their mental health.
  • They discover their strengths and learn how to bounce back when things get tough.
  • They also learn about addiction and find out who they can trust to help them grow and be successful.

We're proud to serve as a affiliate of the National Association for Children of Addiction and we work together with the Partnership to End Addiction. We share their commitment to finding real solutions for families affected by addiction.

The Big Picture

Addiction is a disease that often brings feelings of shame, secrecy, and judgment, which can stop people from getting help. Peaceful Family Oklahoma (PFO) wants to make sure that ALL children impacted by addiction can receive support, no matter how much money their families have. That's why our programs are free of charge for everyone. We believe in fairness and making sure that all kids get the help they need. Offering free services also shows that addiction is a real and important issue that our community cares about. By removing the need to pay, we fight against the negative ideas and show that it's okay to ask for help. We want people to know that seeking help is a brave and necessary step towards feeling better.

Peaceful Family Oklahoma's Programming is an important investment in the future. By teaching children about addiction and what causes it, we can stop it from happening to the next generation. We focus on prevention and helping early on, so that families in Oklahoma can be healthier and happier for many years to come.