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Conversation Starters

We know that it can be hard to start talking about substance use disorders. Below are some resources to help!

Language Matters

At Peaceful Family Oklahoma, we are mindful to continue growing and practicing language that creates a safe space for children and families to have tough conversations. We do this by constantly reviewing and revising our language on our platforms, in our media, and with the families we join on their path to healing.

We are grateful for this starting point from the National Council for Behavioral Health. When we practice using "people first" language--language that centers the individual above any of their experiences--we allow space for children to separate the disease of addiction from their loved one and begin to heal.

Click "learn more" to download a visit the National Council for Behavioral Health website and download a PDF printable of this graphic.

Conversations with Kids

Not sure where to start when talking to kids about a loved one's substance use disorder? We're so grateful for our partner organization, NACoA's partnership with Sesame Street in Communities to offer so many resources on tough conversations, including about substance use disorders. Learn more from our friends on Sesame Street by clicking the button below to learn more.
Peaceful Family Oklahoma is proud to be a partner organization of the Partnership to End Addiction. Our partners provide excellent guides and resources to have conversations  about substance use with the teens in your life.