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Children's Program


Peaceful Family Oklahoma's Children's Program is a 3-Day Camp-Style program that brings help, hope, and healing to kids ages 7-12 impacted by addiction in their families.

Program Overview

Day 1
Addiction: Not My Fault

Through a variety of interactive games and play, children are empowered to care for themselves. Children engage in education about addiction, exploration of feelings, and creative activities to learn to care for themselves. Most importantly children begin to realize that a loved one’s addiction is not their fault.

Day 2
A Feelings Disease: It’s OK to Share My Feelings

Children deepen their skills in identifying and expressing their feelings in balanced ways and breaking the “no talk” rule so prevalent in families impacted by addiction.  Through writing stories, artwork, or composing letters to “Dear Addiction”, children prepare to share with their caregivers on day three.

Day 3
Children and caregivers participate together for the majority of the day
The Heart of Recovery: Taking Care of Me
Children come to understand that it’s okay to ask for help and there are safe people and places to go for help. In a structured format with their caregivers, youngsters share art, stories or letters so they can express their feelings about how addiction has affected and impacted them.
Changing the Family Legacy: Celebrating You and Me
Caregiver and child share what they like and love about each other, create plans to take good care of themselves, and grow together.  Both children and caregivers talk, trust and feel in a brand new way.


Transportation (only complete if you need transportation assistance)