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During Children of Addiction Awareness Week, Peaceful Family Oklahoma invites you to:


If you have a child in your life who has a family member with a substance use disorder or a drug or alcohol addiction, get started by answering a few simple questions to see if Peaceful Family Oklahoma is a good fit for your family today.


Our programs are completely free to participants and their families, thanks to our generous partners and donors. You can find out more about how to support the work of Peaceful Family Oklahoma on our website.


Practice being a safe person for children to talk to by using people first language. Being mindful of how we talk about substance use disorders can allow children to separate their grown up from the disease.


Help spread the word about Children of Addiction Awareness Week by liking, commenting on, and sharing our posts on Facebook and Instagram, which will point families who have experienced a substance use disorder addiction to resources.
Whereas, an estimated 700,000 – 950,000 Oklahoma adults face substance use disorders, impacting one-in-four children amounting to nearly 250,000 Oklahoma youth, and

Whereas, the presence of addiction in a family affects children lifelong, especially amid a recent 67% increase in unintentional drug overdose deaths in Oklahoma; and

Whereas, the COVID-19 and opioid pandemics have left children especially vulnerable to the devastating consequences of substance use disorders in their families; and

Whereas, these children face the risk of struggling with addiction themselves, and educating all Oklahomans about the stigma, shame and science of addiction in families is crucial; and

Whereas, organizations working to help children impacted by addiction play a pivotal role in providing support systems and implementing targeted strategies to give children protective and compensatory experiences from the collateral damage of addiction; and

Whereas, short-term help and long-term resilience hinge on a concerted effort to break the cycle, emphasizing the impact that timely intervention can have on the future of these young lives, and the future of our state;

Now therefore, I, Governor J. Kevin Stitt, do hereby proclaim  February 11th-17th, 2024, as "Oklahoma Children of Addiction Awareness Week" in the State of Oklahoma.

Bringing Awareness

Children of Addiction Awareness Panel
at Oklahoma City Rotary Club

Children of Addiction Panel
Lisa Reed, Peaceful Family Oklahoma
Isela Perez, OK Dept of Mental Health
Charles Gosset, moderator