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Teen Program


Peaceful Family Oklahoma's Children's Program is a 2-Day Camp-Style program that brings help, hope, and healing to teens ages 13-18 impacted by addiction in their families.

Program Overview

Day 1
Family Addiction is Not My Fault, A Feelings Disease
Through a safe and supportive environment, teens begin to realize that a loved one's addiction is not their fault. Teens are empowered through education about addiction, exploration of feelings, and creative activities to care for themselves and know their inherent value.
Communication & Safe People
Teens learn to identify the safe people in their life and to understand when to break the "no talk" rule so prevalent in families impacted by addiction.

Day 2
Addiction and the Brain
Teens are presented with the current research on the significant, negative impacts of substances on the developing brain. Teens are then provided with opportunity to discuss the impact of that research through the lens of their own lived experience.

Risk & Prevention: Changing the Family Legacy
Teens learn and discuss the importance of building a peer-to-peer support network to break the cycle of addiction.


Transportation (only complete if you need transportation assistance)