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School Programs


Grades PK-12 in Oklahoma
Nearly 1 in 4 children have a family member with a drug or alcohol addiction, also called a substance use disorder. Without help, these children are 8 times more likely to struggle with addiction themselves.
Through PFO's School Programs, all participating students will learn the skills needed to build a healthy future and prevent addiction.
Peaceful Family Oklahoma's School Programs are endorsed by the Oklahoma Department of Mental health and Substance Abuse Services

Students completing The PFO Children’s Program for Schools will

  • experience grade-level learning outcomes for over 70% of the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Health.
  • learn to identify safe people from whom to seek help.
  • learn that their job is to be a kid.
  • feel less alone.
Our school programs are implemented by highly-qualified Peaceful Family Oklahoma staff and are differentiated for students in grades PK-12.

Past School Program Partners

Jones Public Schools
Jones Elementary School
Jones Middle School
Norman Public Schools
Irving Middle School
Jackson Elementary School
Kennedy Elementary School
Madison Elementary School
Positive Tomorrows
Putnam City Public Schools
Santa Fe South Charter Schools
Wellston Public Schools
Wiley Post Elementary School
Santa Fe South Middle School
Wellston Elementary School
Wellston Middle School
Wellston High School

What educators are saying about Peaceful Family Oklahoma's School Programs

This program worked well for my students. It worked well for my building. With the engagement that I experienced, I would definitely encourage someone to try PFO's program.
Santa Fe South Middle School Counselor

Don't hesitate to bring Peaceful Family Oklahoma in. Especially seeing what I see in a day, more than ever we need to help these kids accept that they're feeling something and know what to do with [those feelings]. Sometimes they need to hear it from another adult. Having someone come in that they could make a relationship with… there was enough time in six weeks to build a relationship with PFO staff and feel safe with what we were talking about.
Jones Elementary Counselor

Students were likely more receptive to the content we taught since they were working with an outside group; they felt as though they were given permission. [Our school] is currently seeing 14-15 year old behaviors exhibited in 5th grade students, so Peaceful Family’s content was appropriate. Teachers felt it was appropriate--they appreciated the vocabulary. This content aligned with the work our district LPCs are doing. This was a beneficial program for our students. PFO was able to go more in depth than staff because our staff doesn’t have the time/resources/training to present on what PFO presented on. Kids have different needs now. This program met those needs.
Wiley Post Elementary Principal  

Very thankful programs like this exist, and that humans as kind as y’all are the powers behind it. Thank you.
Santa Fe South Middle School Teacher

During the winter of 2023, the Peaceful Family team led grades 2-5 in one-hour sessions once a week for six weeks. Before partnering with Wellston Elementary, the team willingly answered questions and shared resources, including the curriculum. The Peaceful Family team engaged students in critical thinking and problem-solving throughout each lesson. Students learned skills for dealing with daily obstacles and conflicts. They used high-quality strategies for managing and instructing students. The lessons were well-planned, and the materials were provided for each student. The team exemplified a model for teaching and learning so much that I encouraged teachers to visit the classroom and learn additional teaching strategies. I would recommend Peaceful Family to educational institutions to support whole-student development.
Susan Wray, Principal, Wellston Elementary