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What do children gain from the program?

PFS provides the only peer-to-peer program specifically designed to help children impacted by addiction in their family. PFS serves to help break the cycle of addiction and foster healing.  With education and celebrating the voice and feelings of a child, the result is prevention. 

What days do the guardians participate?

On the first morning, it’s important for the child/children’s guardian to participate in an orientation meeting for the first 1.5 hours. Adults/guardians participate all day with their children on both Saturday and Sunday.

What about my child/children missing school? 

Letters of excuse are provided as needed are treated by schools the same as an excused absence for a doctor's visit or counseling session. 

What happens at the conclusion of the program? 

The facilitator meets with each family for continuing care recommendations and referrals at the close of the program.  Families are encouraged to provide feedback, as are the children.  Continuing Care options are held for the children and their parents and guardians after they participate in the program. 

How old must children be to participate in the program? 

The program serves children ages seven through twelve.  Exceptions are sometimes made for siblings who are near the age range and need the hope and healing that the PFS program provides.

How often does the Children’s Program take place? 

Due to COVID-19, the in-person Children's Program is currently scheduled as children enroll. Staff will coordinate with enrollees on availability.  Peaceful Family Solutions also offers on-site Children's Programs at treatment centers, medical clinics and schools. Virtual programs are under development.

How much does the program cost?

The program is FREE to all children and their families, thanks to the generosity of PFS donors.

Is sobriety a prerequisite for program participation? 

Adults must be sober for a minimum of 30 days and working a treatment program of recovery.  If a child’s family member is not in recovery, but has a guardian (grandparent, foster parent, or kinship family) who is taking care of the child/children, the guardian may participate. 

How do I register a child for the program? 

Our staff will make the enrollment process simple and easy by scheduling an intake call with you. Please contact Jayme Kelton, Program Director at (405) 601-2691 or use the below button to email her.

What should my child(ren) bring to the program? 

  • Children should dress casually and comfortably
  • Lunch and snacks are provided each day of the program (please advise us of food allergies in advance)
  • Children will be provided nonslip socks for indoor playgrounds, but are encouraged to bring them if you already have some.
  • If swimming will be included, program staff will coordinate with adults to ensure swimsuits are available.

What if I have more questions? 

Please use the below button to email Jayme Kelton, for questions or call at (405) 601-2691.