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Peaceful Family Oklahoma is the Grateful Recipient of Edmond Memorial High School's Swine Week Fundraiser

In October of 2023, Edmond Memorial High School Student Council members surprised Peaceful Family Oklahoma staff with the announcement that PFO would be the 2024 Swine Week Recipient. 
From smashing cars and eating waffles at $25k in a day to Hog Jog to a Golf Tournament to the record-breaking Swine Week Auction, the EMHS students were hard at work raising funds for PFO throughout the year. In February, we asked them why they chose Peaceful Family Oklahoma.
In March of 2024, Swine Week finally arrived! Each day had theme dress and an assembly as well as activities throughout the day to raise funds. Be sure to check out Peaceful Family Oklahoma's Instagram to see ALL of the highlights!






Peaceful Family Oklahoma is the grateful recipient of EMHS Swine Week 2024!
Grand Total $332,892 

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